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Jim King's Legacy Extends to GPNA in a Most Helpful Way-

One of Jim's wishes in closing out all his business affairs was to close out the money that was in his "Jim King for Council" campaign fund so this money could help organizations that he had come to know, and had worked with. His spouse Debbie King worked with VP John Gonder to make sure we followed the process that is outlined by the IRS. There were 5 non-profits serving District 10 that were supported and all 5 were given equal portions. The amount of the our check was for $3,389.75. The board has voted to use a portion of the money to help sponsor the 2015 Ninth Annual Shotgun Music Festival. The event will be dedicated to Jim's service and legacy to the district. The remaining funds will aid in offset of our building costs. We thank the King family so much and specifically wish to recognize Katie, John and Debbie King. We know how proud Jim's service made each of you. Please know how proud we are of the King family. We miss Jim greatly.

April 2015 Happenings

There is a new blessing that has taken place in the lives of GPN area residents Kevin and Tomy Molloy. Tomy is a long time board member. On April 11th she gave birth to a very healthy Chauncey Johannah Molloy. Congratulations mom and dad from all of us at GPNA. Welcome to Germantown Chauncey!

Number two is to share the next regular board meeting will take place this Monday at 6 PM. The meeting will be held at the neighborhood center located at 1094 E. Kentucky Street (40204). Board meetings are held each month on the 3rd Monday of the month. They are open to the public. The main topics to be discussed will be tied to the 2015 Goals list that was approved at the March meeting. Police patrola and general police issues will be a primary topic. Hope you can attend.

Updating at March 29, 2015
The Board of Directors met on Monday, March 16. Two officers resigned their respective posts. They were Tomy Molloy- VP and Steve Magre- Treasurer. The two were replaced by a vote of the board during the meeting. The new VP is John Gonder and the new Treasurer is Mary Hardesty.
The board also took a vote to support all 13 goals that wre recommend by the Winter Work Committee. This committee met twice over the winter of 2014-15. The next step is for these goals to be presented to the GPNA Board. The board voted to sponsor a 3rd Germantown Baseball team for this season. They also supported purchasing reusable grocery bags that would have our logo and a message encouraging recycling. The board voted to not pursue NDF $ for the remainder of FY 2014-15 and if they were to request NDF $ for 2015-16 that request would not take place until January 2016 at the earliest. Center for Neighborhoods Executive Director Tom Stevens spoke at the last Winter Committee meeting and he is interested in one or more persons signing up for the Neighborhood Institute for this year. We have one new GPNA member, Joe Corona,  who expressed an interest. Several board members accepted leadership roles to fulfill the 2015 goals. The next steps will be for each to develop action plans to meet the goals accepted. Upcoming board meetings will remain busy. The next board meeting is set for Monday, April 16 at 6 PM. All our meetings are open to the public.
November 14, 2014 update:
January 1st is right around the corner. Remember to implement the changes tied to the city's new Yard Waste Container Regulation. The only plastic bags allowed for leaving yard waste for pick up is compost friendly plastic bags that meet the ASTM D6400 standards. The website to check for full details is www.lelelouisville.com.
Congratulations to Ron Mazzoli for being named the Schnitzelburg #1 Citizen for 2014. Congressman Mazzoli has been #1 in the hearts of many Louisvillians for many years. His attention to detail, hard work and willingness to serve in a bipartisan way assured his having left a legacy. He was sincere in doing what was best for the USA even when it was not the easy choice.  Ron's wonderful acceptance talk stressed 3 things. His focus to be a humble servant, his sincere thank you for receiving the honor, and his  making clear that all he has done and has become was tied to the influence and love he and Helen shared. He noted that through his faith and the moving spirit that they shared this recognition equally and together.
We ask you keep track of the Germantown Mills Lofts development process taking place by what will be continual updates  via our Facebook page.  The association is so excited to see this conversion. When opened there will be 184 one and two bedroom apartments. The 8 acres being developed will include ample green space, recreation areas with a swimming pool and gym; and community meeting space. GPNA offers a warm thank you to the Underhill & Associates for making this wonderful commitment to the neighborhood. The development is slated to be completed by the end of 2015.
Posting of October 30, 2014
Bike lanes will be reviewed via the city council over the winter months to see just how effective the changes to street patterns have been.  The anticipation are the lanes will stay as is.
The Central Railway Corridor group is moving towards final recommendations. This has been an ongoing process covering many months. Those involved include the city, contracted professionals and several local neighborhood and business reps all coming together. A slide presentation that explains the details can be found by keying in this website address: www.louisville.edu/cepm/projects/germantown.  Recommendations should be made public before the end of the year.
The third item being tracked is the MSD Basin project. Right now GPNA is involved directly in working with neighbors effected by the construction of a  staging area on 1100 block Schiller Avenue, by the creek. Another property MSD will own because is the store front building next to the creek on the northwest side. GPNA will be pushing hard for MSD to assure this becomes a neighborhood green space. Thanks to board member Bruce Ewing for taking the lead on this.
GPNA is partnering with Paristowne Pointe Neighborhood Association with the sole intent of our tracking with the city what they intend to do with the Government  Center buildings and land they apparently intend to abandon. Both associations have strong positions that the city reps need and must be available to communicate with us and that they need to welcome our input. Be on the look for updates on this issue in the future.





You are invited to keep up with what is happening by going to our Facebook Page. The address is:


We use Facebook to make frequent entries and updates. We also place all our  updates via Danny Mac's Germantown-Schnitzelburg Facebook page.


Membership is Easy

Our goal is to make it easy for anyone who holds value in our efforts to join. Gaining financial support is helpful of course in off setting administrative cost. But what we really hope for is inducing residents to become active. So the annual membership fee is by donation amount of your choice including the giving of your time. To encourage membership the recommended dollar amount is kept very low at $5 per year.

Email your name, address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Steve will enter your name and email address to the GPNA membership roster. You can provide your chosen donation by mailing it to 1094 E Kentucky Street (40204) and make the check out to GPNA.

You can also join at one of our sponsored functions including our quarterly pot luck public meetings. Please note that we will accept cash for membership when sign up is at an event, but that is the ONLY TIME. You can also choose to not mail and simply drop the check through the slot that is in the middle of our front door. Again, no cash if dropping off.  And most important please make sure the check is in a sealed envelope marked "Membership".


Support Our Bingo!

Our Monday Bingo is in its 28th year of continual operation. Doors open at 9 AM and games start at 10:15 AM. The last game is normally played out by 12:15 PM. Our Kentucky gaming license number is 00058 and posted. This 27 year running weekly event offers residents a unique and fun experience. The nature of bingo encourages all new and regulars attending to get to know each other. Bingo is held at the GPNA center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street.


Keeping Compliant-

GPNA keeps on file its approval letter from the IRS. This letter stipulates that GPNA is a 501 (C4) non-profit organization. To stay in good standing we file an IRS-990 each calendar year. We also file with Kentucky to maintain legal recognition with the Commonwealth. The overall reporting to the state requires our forwarding an Annual Report and we must provide quarterly to the Department of Charitable Gaming detailed gaming activity reports.  We are required to complete annually a gaming license application.  GPNA is currently in full compliance and in good standing with the federal, state and city governments and all the reports listed have been filed on time.

If Interested-

The updates posted are shared one main reason. We would love to tap into your talents and gain your commitment to become involved. If interested the easiest and best way to offer your help is to contact our administrator, Steve Magre. His phone number of 502-855-0223, and his email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Steve would love to hear from you.

2014-15 GPNA Officers and Board Members Listing

Officers: Judy Magre - President
John Gonder- Vice President
Mary Hardesty- Treasurer
Jeff Cross- Secretary

Board Members:

Tomy Molloy, Steve Magre, Brenda Waters, Ben Evans, Bruce Ewing, Davy Coombs, Tandee Ogburn, and Amanda Keeton.