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Board Meeting Set for Monday, May 16th

6 PM at GPNA Center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street

We Encourage You to Attend and Join:

If you have an interest in talking to our volunteer administrator or sharing your thoughts and ideas please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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We use Facebook to make frequent entries and updates. We also place all our  updates to the every popular Danny Mac's Germantown-Schnitzelburg Facebook page. Thanks Danny!

And Then There is Bingo!

Our Monday Bingo is in its 30th year of continual operation. Doors open at 9 AM and games start at 10:15 AM. The last game is normally played out by 12:15 PM. Our Kentucky gaming license number is 00058 and posted. Our weekly bingo offers all who come a a fun gaming experience in a truly home setting.

Our Bingo is held at the GPNA center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street (40204) Proceeds help pay for our operating and maintenance costs and for our raised gardens in the side yard; and the maintenance at the Jim King Rain Garden.

For a unique experience please come and play.


Here is What's Up Next


April Board Meeting Agenda is Set:

Monday, April 18, 2016 Agenda


For Regular GPNA Board of Directors Meeting

Starts at 6 PM at the Center, 1094 E Kentucky Street (40204)

Meeting open by President (Judy)

Call for vote on Minutes (Mary)

Treasurer’s Report (Mary)

Bingo Report (Judy)General Reporting on the following: (Steve)

  1. Discussion and finalizing plan for a membership drive being implemented

  1. Discussion on creating a partnership opportunity with Go Green Germantown

  1. Status of general police issues

  1. Continuation of tracking MSD and Water Company projects

  1. Naming of a GPNA Nominating Committee

  1. Need to finalize who we will honor for 2016 as Citizen(s) of the Year.

  1. Setting up a pre-planning meeting for the Fall 2016 Shotgun Music Festival

  1. Introduction of U of L’s Elizabeth Jones as our guest

  1. Announcements-

Other Business


Summary of March 21, 2016 Board Meeting Held

Meeting was opened by President Judy Magre

February 2 Special Board Meeting Minutes were read by Secretary-Treasurer Mary Hardesty. The minutes were then approved by a board vote.

Treasurer’s Report given by Mary Hardesty. No vote needed. The Board did OK $150 to be spent towards a special Goss Avenue Clean Up effort being steered by Mike Morris. The 2 item approved for building improvements late last year are now on hold to be looked at doing later in 2016.

Bingo Report- Judy Magre reported on the March 21st bingo profits of close to $400. She noted a good attendance for the day.

General Reporting on the following was led by Steve Magre, Board Member and Volunteer Administrator for GPNA

- He reported that our City grant had been filed and approved. The amount is for $2,800 to help off set operational cost of the center for 5 months of 2016.

- Membership Plan was on the agenda but was not quite ready for presentation. A sub-committee is working on a strategy. This item will be raised at the 4.18 GPNA Board Meeting.

- Steve reported that the plan is that once the Membership Plan is approved/implemented then the association will move to next approve/implement a new PR plan.

- Steve reported that a long overdue business organization had been formed. Mike Morris helped in steering this to happen. It will be called the Germantown Schnitzelburg Business Association and more will be presented about this at the April GPNA Board meeting.

- Mary Hardesty agreed to lead an effort for GPNA participating in Mayor's Give a Day by our participating in the April 16th community wide Brightside Clean Up. She will report results of her effort at the April Board meeting. If you are interested in helping out let us know!

- There are several items are being Steve is tracking currently that will involve the board's review at some point; but these did not require reporting on at the March meeting. Here are the main ones fitting this category::

- The starting up of a unique GPNA Markers' Program

- Reviewing how and when GPNA could do a Love the Hungry support project

- Steve suggested that at the next Board meeting there will be a need to start up the 2016 Shotgun Festival committee. For the record there was an idea raised by a new member at the open meeting that we should look at moving the event and holding it at  the parking lot for AmVets Post 1 @ E. St. Catherine Street and Swan Street. This suggestion will be reviewed when the committee comes together soon.

- Also discussed is how we can best continue our work with other neighborhood associations close by. It was agreed that Steve Magre would work with Paristown Pointe, Schnitzelburg and Shelby Park reps to report on issues we can partner on. The 3 main ones are Goss Avenue Beautification Project, Railroad Corridor Study recommendations and the major move that will close down use of the Urban Governmental Complex.

Discussion Items- The board did talk about police coverage by 4th District Police and how accessible the new Major is and Officer Kitchen remains. It was noted how effective Nextdoor.com has been to stir interest in making the neighborhood safer. Kathleen Davis and Mary Hardesty have been strong leaders in this happening. It was noted that the police would be dong a walk through on March 31 on Samuel and Charles Streets and that councilman Pat Mulvihill would be participating. We thanked them. It was also agreed we would call on Pat Mulvihill's council office ask for their leadership in follow up with the Louisville Water Company and MSD. We want to make sure they complete the street repairs required of them as tied to all of this extensive project work going on in our neighborhood.

Steve reported that GPNA and Schnitzelburg had recently gone on public record supporting 2 zoning issues. One was related to the new restaurant that is to open on McKinley Street. The other was the zoning reclassification required to allow the Bradford Mills Apartments to move forward. Both were eventually approved for our area.

The last item raised by Steve required a board vote. After a brief presentation made by Bryan Burns of SPNA, and then short discussion the GPNA Board voted to have Judy Magre, as president, sign onto a letter with Shelby Park and Schnizelburg leaders. It was agreed that this letter would be forwarded in a way that it would be placed on public record into the minutes of the next MSD Board meeting. The message sent was our making clear to the MSD board that the the 3 associations closest to Smoketown's boundaries fully appreciated their efforts and offer as well our full support to their suggestion to change the current construction plan of the Smoketown Basin. We want most to see it finished in a way that the large parcel would be a true green area and become park like space.

Board Meeting adjourned-

The Open Meeting held afterwards was very well attended. We gained 10 new members. We thank so many new residents for taking their time to attend. Officer Christopher Kitchen of 4th District shared ideas and distributed a list of various resources the district offers to assist in making neighborhood streets safer. Next Michael King of Forward Louisville spoke. He stated that the city wanted nearby residents to be kept abreast and to have input on what will be taking place once all the employees are moved out of the Urban Government Center. A question was asked to him about if there were plans to demolish the high rise old hospital building. Mr. King said there was no plans for that to take place. After this report all present adjourned and broke bread together.



Welcoming Businesses and New Residents is Theme for 2016 Based on February Work Group Meeting Results:

The GPNA informal work committee concluded its recommendations for major work items for 2016. Staying in partnership with other neighborhoods will remain very important. We are tracking closely the end results of the just out now Railroad Corridor Study Plan. (http://louisville.edu/cepm/projects/brownfields-and-safe-soil/germantown) We are also involved in tracking with Paristown Pointe the changes happening there. The main one of course is the city leaving the Urban Complex Center at 810 Barret Avenue. The third to mention is one where we are an equal partner and that is with the Goss Avenue improvements that are budgeted and have been taken place. Already there are decorative trash containers out and decorative sign up. More is being planned. Our work on this is in partnership with SACC. The person who conceived this idea a few years ago was SACC board member Mike Morris. Mike stayed with it and the good news for both neighborhoods is that it's a happening. The other happening GPNA is interested in tracking is the Phase II efforts of the 3 Points Mural  project. This is another over the long haul happening that creates results that serve to beautify the neighborhoods and shows clearly how much we believe in public and private out door art.

The new commitment for pushing for new membership is our #1 goal though for 2016. In the past few years we have made it so easy as we have not charged membership dues. We can no longer not charge. We are at a point to balance our books we need more income. These dollars will allow us to keep afloat the efforts we are talking about above, will help us bear the cost of maintaining the Jim King Rain Garden and also maintain the operating cost of our often used and wonderful neighborhood center located at 1094 E. Kentucky Street (40204). The membership fee for 2016 has been set $10 per residence and $25 per business. One primary goal is to engage businesses. We want to establish quarterly business meetings where topics of interest to business owners are raised. We also want to create advertising opportunities and have GPNA commit to push for residents to purchase local and from our business members. GPNA board member John Gonder is leading this charge. There will be more written about the Business membership effort later.

The push for residential membership will have 4 parts. The first is inviting all current members (over 200) to remain members, and to please send in a $10 check to GPNA. The second part is to use our website, Danny Mac's Facebook page, GPNA's Facebook page, and nextdoor.com to encourage residents to send in their $10 per household and join. The 3rd part is our doing a specialized mail out soon. We thank GPNA board member Davy Coombs for sharing this idea with the work group. Be on the look for this notification coming. Finally, we will be inviting persons to join at functions throughout the year that we participate in with a booth presence. Thanks to GPNA board members Joe and Iris Corona and Bruce Ewing our booth set up will be first class. We could not be more pleased to see the great number of new residents who have chosen to move to our and now their neighborhood. We want each person to know they are welcome, and we want them most of all to join and become involved with GPNA!

If reading this moves you to join simply do this. Forward a check for $10 or if a business $25 to GPNA, 1094 E. Kentucky Street, 40204. Make check out to GPNA. No cash please!

There were two work session meeting to plan 2016 goals-

#1/ February 2nd Meeting Results Shared

New member Kathleen Davis was approved to be the GPNA rep to the new 4th District Police Advisory Council. Kathleen is very active with Nextdoor.com and works closely with Mary Hardesty, who is our Secretary-Treasurer. Kathleen has been a leader in establishing a block watch group via Officer Kitchen on both Samuel and Charles Streets. Thanks for doing this Kathleen.

In other business the Treasurer's report was approved as was the 2016 budget. Chip Rogalinski, President of SPNA, was our special guest who brought an update of a vast number of happenings taking place in Shelby Park. He has since forwarded the process to follow to gain a State Historical Neighborhood Marker. This is of interest to us but will need to be talked over later as to do this does cost money. General reports were provided on the status of the Goss Avenue improvement project, and the imminent council passage of zoning changes that allowing for Bradford Mills Apartments to move forward (the council did pass this). Also reported on was the fact that a RR Corridor Study review date is to be set soon, that the MSD neighborhood project is still being monitored and we are making certain we track with Paristown Pointe reps the move of employees out of the Urban Government Center. It was noted that Ron Tasman is now the owner of the old Spier Hardware store on Barret Ave. Not clear if Ron's interest is to make sure it becomes a true hardware store again. Also Lynn's reopening remains not clear. Hopefully there will be ability to report on both of these at the regular March open meeting.

#2/ 2016 Work Group Session Meeting Has a Follow up Meeting Taking Place on February 21-

The second 2016 Work Group Session will convene on Monday, February 21 at 6 PM at our Center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street (40204). The process invites input and involvement of anyone interested. Our goal is to gain membership. But we also want to make sure all people know they are welcome. In fact all of our meetings are open to the public. A main focus for this upcoming meeting will be to talk over and hopefully map out a 2016 communications-membership plan for GPNA including how we can approach businesses.



Understanding Perspective:

Here are the summaries of activities for 2015:

November 16th Pot Luck Open Meeting a Success-

It was a good formula that worked for this night. Good Danny Mac's Pizza, good home made side dishes, good turnout and a good and timely speaker. Indeed Christopher Kelley was kind enough to share his makeover plans that will soon take place at the old Haddad's Auto Service property. Christopher hopes to open his new business sometime in 2016. He has in mind a rather unique convenient style store that will give accent to good coffee, and local product items. People who have the need will also be able to purchase their bio-diesel fuel here. We do miss Joe Haddad and his gang. They were long time supporters of GPNA. But we are very pleased to have knowledge that this important central location will not be vacated and will instead become quite busy. Thanks to Christopher for sharing and answering all the questions asked. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Updated at November 10, 2015


At October 19th/ The GPNA Board Meeting Agenda:
1. Call to order by President at 6 PM.
2. September 2015 Minutes passed.
3. Treasurer's report approved.
4. Bingo Report for the October 19th bingo given.
5. Germantown Mission Inc. compliance standing on applying for grants from the City has been designated as "in good standing" per letter from the City to John Gonder.
6. Board gave its OK for our hosting an 11.9 meeting to give people an update on the MSD Consent Decree projects impacting the area. The meeting will be held at our center at 6:30 PM.
7. City has placed the new sign at our rain garden that designates the new title of Jim King Rain Garden. The board of GPNA coordinated with MSD to jointly approve of this naming. We see this as the most appropriate way for our remembering Jim King as the funding to to this project would not have taken place without his leadership
8. There is $75,000 city tax dollars set aside for the Goss Avenue improvements to take place for 2015-16. Mike Morris of SACC and Mary Hardesty of GPNA are working to oversee the expenditures that are coming. It was reported that new decorative trash containers and our new street signs designating the intersections along Goss Avenue are both in place now.
9. Though not fully public yet a lot of major work could be happening soon within Paristown Pointe's northern area. A group of GPNA board members have been working closely with PP's board with the purpose that we track together what could be a major announcement coming soon.
10. Board nominations for Citizen of the Year-2016 were made and approved. There will be 3 persons recognized at the first Pot Luck open meeting to be held in March of 2016.
11. Several board members attended the MUSCL Seniors Center Naming Event that was held on October 16th. The long time center was named for Jim King and for all the right reasons. The attendance was over 100 people. The King family provided sincere thanks and pointed out just how much Jim loved the center and serving the interest of 10th District people. We know first hand that Jim's support and care for GPNA helped us  so much over so many years. Jim will always be remembered.
12. The Bradford Mills Apartment plans were presented at an October 12th City pre-ap meeting held at St. Therese gym. Board members attended and indicated that the main issue raised was parking and how this would be provided without taking street parking away from homes close by. The owners presented their plan to resolve the concern. The next step will be the owners proceeding to take out the application with Planning and Design. This will lay out the timeline.
13. Haddad's Property at Schiller-E St Catherine-E Oak Streets has been sold. The new owner is finalizing his business plan and he will work closely with our association when he has it finalized.
14. Germantown Mills Lofts is on schedule and one only needs to stop by to see the vast physical improvements that have been made to date, especially the new windows. The Underhills committed to keep SACC and GPNA updated throughout and have kept their word. When we know the major opening date we will let everyone know.
15. The final location of new Veteran's Hospital to be build is actually being revisited. There remains a chance that this could be built in the downtown vicinity. The association is strong in support of this for many reasons. One main reason would be the job opportunities and the housing interest this decision could bring to our neighborhood. We are tracking closely, and thanks to Jeff Underhill for his leadership in making sure this issue was revisited.
16. A 2015 Shotgun Festival Financial update was made. GPNA is out about $1,500 right now mainly since we chose not to pursue a city grant for this year's event. There remains the income to be forwarded for our share of concession sales as overseen by James at Eiderdown. A final report will be made at the next board meeting.
17. The idea of pursuit of a plan for purchasing Graffiti Repellent paint for volunteer use was approved. The goal is we do this tied with our partnering with other neighborhoods. The hope is we can pursue a city grant in December via Council President Tandy. Board member John Gonder is steering this project.
18. Meeting adjourned.
-Next meeting date is November 16th and will include an Open Meeting with a speaker. Meeting will start at 6 PM.
-Another important meeting of note will be November 9th at 630 PM to allow MSD to give an update on the consent decree projects.
-Both meetings will be held at our center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street.
Updated at October 25, 2015.


The August 17th Board Meeting Focused on Police Issues-

Two main items were reviewed by those attending and both were tied to police coverage and police issues. 4th Division Police Officer Kimberly Burbrink discussed in details the actions police are taking to combat the problems happening in the GermanParistown area. There were 2 incidents that happened at about the same time and they involved different persons that caused the police the need to intervene. One was via adults acting out and the other was via teenagers doing something similar. It turns out that 4th Division Police command is dedicating special coverage to the problem. Of course there is crime in all parts of the division and interestingly the serious crime stats to date are lower in GermanParistown than any other area in the 4th Division. The one problem that does remain is that of people not locking their autos. The second issue reviewed in detail was about how GPNA could take a more active role in combating what feels like constant graffiti tagging to so many of our businesses and public areas. Joshua White has helped on this issue with the Highland Guild. That organization has oversight to issues along Bardstown Road. John Gonder volunteered to take the lead on developing a plan to bring back to the board at the next regular meeting.

Updating at August, 2015


Bradford Mills Lofts to Become a Reality !!!

The GPNA Board of Directors voted Monday, July 20th to support the plans presented to them by the new owners-developers of Bradford Mills- Boyd Moving properties. These two separate buildings are connected. They sit along E Oak Street just west of the Reutlinger Street intersection and on the south side of E Oak Street. The new owners shared their plans in great detail including renderings of what the exterior and interior will look like once completed. The plan is for their making 150 new market rate apartments available. The next step in moving this forward is for the owners to approach a variety of governmental agencies to put all in order to be approved to start work. Their goal is to start leasing apartments by spring of 2016. This major project will be piggy backing on what is now taking place on Goss Avenue where the Germantown Lofts are being built. Exciting times and a very exciting transitioning is taking place in the neighborhood. GPNA Board sees its role as working closely with the developers to make certain as they proceed the neighbors are kept up to speed and when possible will have input. The owners have a few i's to dot and t's to cross after which they will be sending out a press release providing full detail, including sharing of the renderings. It is noted here that these developers have strong positive reputations as to their prior work performed in this region and in Louisville. Stay tuned-

935 Goss Avenue- More Good News!

David Gilbert and Len Kitchen are teaming up to change the old Groucho's along Goss Avenue to a new upscale bar. The government requirements are all in place and the work to remodel should be starting soon. Given all the new housing happening close by this will be a very good business addition to the neighborhood and to Goss Avenue. Indeed it is another new business opening along Goss Avenue. Germantown's Main Street, as SACC's President Mike Morris has titled it, keeps moving forward! Congratulations David, Len and Lisa-


The 2015-16 Officers for GPNA are:

Judy Magre- President, John Gonder- Vice President, Mary Hardesty- Treasurer and Jeff Cross, Secretary

The board is responsible to elect its officers at the regular July board meeting each year. The vote last night was unanimous and represented the board voting for continuation of all the officers in their posts. As a side note, Judy was elected to her 30th consecutive year as President. This no doubt is a record for presidential service as related to neighborhood associations in Louisville. Congratulation Madam President. Keep that bingo rolling!

Updating at July 2015


Our Recognizing The Best!

Jack Trawick is the GPNA Citizen of the Year-2015 !!!

Congratulations to Jack Trawick for his selection as the 2015 GermanParistown Citizen of the Year. Jack recently retired from Center for Neighborhoods. It was here where he built an organization from the ground up that turned out to influence more neighborhood associations than any other entity, including city government. His leadership impact on our association has been documented and vast for decades. Today our board is made of of several younger people and most of them graduated from CFN's Neighborhood Institute. Not only do these persons bring a fire about the importance of neighborhoods, but they bring new ideas and ways to do things. Jack directed the way to many other learning opportunities as well and gave a chance for caring residents and neighborhood associations' members to gain a voice and influence. His formation of The Green Institute made certain neighborhood leaders are now called to accept responsibility and care about ecology and our good earth. The historic part of our ceremony last evening is that Jack became the first winner not having direct ties to GPNA. If you think about it this is quite a statement the GPNA board chose to make. Congratulation Jack and thank you Patti for so willingly letting Jack do what he does so well; that is teaching and assisting those he teaches to steer neighborhoods to stay strong and become even stronger. By the way the pot luck food offerings were fantastic. Also, thanks to Laura and Nash at The Post, and to our dear friend Danny Mac! The pizza was fantastic too!

Joe and Iris Corona elected as new members to the GPNA Board

Joe and Iris recently moved on to E. Caldwell Street. Over a very short time they have become extremely active in support of GPNA and our programs. The nominating committee was pleased to recommend the couple come onto the board. Last night they were elected by a unanimous vote of the full membership as part of a slate of 6 persons who will serve a 2 year term. Those winning re-election were Davy Combs, Jeff Cross, Judy Magre and Brenda Waters. Congrats to all 6!

The officers for 2015-16 will be elected at the regular board meeting to be held in July.

Updating at June 2015


Annual Meeting is Monday, June 15th at 7 PM with Board Meeting at 6 PM

Everyone is invited to both meetings. The board will be reviewing updates on a number of projects being worked. This will include the latest on Boyd Moving property, the Railway Corridor Plan, Germantown Cotton Mill Lofts and the plans about the staff move out at the Urban Government Complex on Barret Avenue. There are 3 highlights that will make up the agenda of the 7 PM general meeting. Foremost will be our breaking bread together pot luck style. We ask that you bring a dish, that is a veggie or dessert. GPNA will provide a variety of pizza options care of The Post and Danny Mac's. The 2nd highlight will be the board honoring the 2015 Citizen of the Year. We are being hush hush about who the winner is so you will have to attend to find out. Finally, there will be a slate of 6 persons motioned to serve a two year GPNA board term. These names came via the work of the Nomination Committee that was chaired by Bruce Ewing. The task is for all members in attendance to elect 6 persons to fill the 6 opening slots. This will be a busy evening and we believe fun pot luck meeting. The 2 meetings are open to the public. We welcome all, and if not yet a member you will be given the opportunity to sign up.

Particulars- Meeting is at our center, 1094 E Kentucky Street (40204). It will start at 7 PM and will include an open pot luck- We hope to see you!




Jim King's Legacy Extends to GPNA in a Most Helpful Way-

One of Jim's wishes in closing out all his business affairs was to close out the money that was in his "Jim King for Council" campaign fund so this money could help organizations that he had come to know, and had worked with. His spouse Debbie King worked with VP John Gonder to make sure we followed the process that is outlined by the IRS. There were 5 non-profits serving District 10 that were supported and all 5 were given equal portions. The amount of the our check was for $3,389.75. The board has voted to use a portion of the money to help sponsor the 2015 Ninth Annual Shotgun Music Festival. The event will be dedicated to Jim's service and legacy to the district. The remaining funds will aid in offset of our building costs. We thank the King family so much and specifically wish to recognize Katie, John and Debbie King. We know how proud Jim's service made each of you. Please know how proud we are of the King family. We miss Jim greatly.


April 2015 Happenings

There is a new blessing that has taken place in the lives of GPN area residents Kevin and Tomy Molloy. Tomy is a long time board member. On April 11th she gave birth to a very healthy Chauncey Johannah Molloy. Congratulations mom and dad from all of us at GPNA. Welcome to Germantown Chauncey!

Number two is to share the next regular board meeting will take place this Monday at 6 PM. The meeting will be held at the neighborhood center located at 1094 E. Kentucky Street (40204). Board meetings are held each month on the 3rd Monday of the month. They are open to the public. The main topics to be discussed will be tied to the 2015 Goals list that was approved at the March meeting. Police patrol and general police issues will be a primary topic. Hope you can attend.

March 2015 Happenings
The Board of Directors met on Monday, March 16. Two officers resigned their respective posts. They were Tomy Molloy- VP and Steve Magre- Treasurer. The two were replaced by a vote of the board during the meeting. The new VP is John Gonder and the new Treasurer is Mary Hardesty.
The board also took a vote to support all 13 goals that wre recommend by the Winter Work Committee. This committee met twice over the winter of 2014-15. The next step is for these goals to be presented to the GPNA Board. The board voted to sponsor a 3rd Germantown Baseball team for this season. They also supported purchasing reusable grocery bags that would have our logo and a message encouraging recycling. The board voted to not pursue NDF $ for the remainder of FY 2014-15 and if they were to request NDF $ for 2015-16 that request would not take place until January 2016 at the earliest. Center for Neighborhoods Executive Director Tom Stevens spoke at the last Winter Committee meeting and he is interested in one or more persons signing up for the Neighborhood Institute for this year. We have one new GPNA member, Joe Corona,  who expressed an interest. Several board members accepted leadership roles to fulfill the 2015 goals. The next steps will be for each to develop action plans to meet the goals accepted. Upcoming board meetings will remain busy. The next board meeting is set for Monday, April 16 at 6 PM. All our meetings are open to the public.

And the 2014 Issues GPNA Worked-

November 2014 update:
January 1st is right around the corner. Remember to implement the changes tied to the city's new Yard Waste Container Regulation. The only plastic bags allowed for leaving yard waste for pick up is compost friendly plastic bags that meet the ASTM D6400 standards. The website to check for full details is www.lelelouisville.com.
Congratulations to Ron Mazzoli for being named the Schnitzelburg #1 Citizen for 2014. Congressman Mazzoli has been #1 in the hearts of many Louisvillians for many years. His attention to detail, hard work and willingness to serve in a bipartisan way assured his having left a legacy. He was sincere in doing what was best for the USA even when it was not the easy choice.  Ron's wonderful acceptance talk stressed 3 things. His focus to be a humble servant, his sincere thank you for receiving the honor, and his  making clear that all he has done and has become was tied to the influence and love he and Helen shared. He noted that through his faith and the moving spirit that they shared this recognition equally and together.
We ask you keep track of the Germantown Mills Lofts development process taking place by what will be continual updates  via our Facebook page.  The association is so excited to see this conversion. When opened there will be 184 one and two bedroom apartments. The 8 acres being developed will include ample green space, recreation areas with a swimming pool and gym; and community meeting space. GPNA offers a warm thank you to the Underhill & Associates for making this wonderful commitment to the neighborhood. The development is slated to be completed by the end of 2015.
October 2014 Update:
Bike lanes will be reviewed via the city council over the winter months to see just how effective the changes to street patterns have been.  The anticipation are the lanes will stay as is.
The Central Railway Corridor group is moving towards final recommendations. This has been an ongoing process covering many months. Those involved include the city, contracted professionals and several local neighborhood and business reps all coming together. A slide presentation that explains the details can be found by keying in this website address: www.louisville.edu/cepm/projects/germantown.  Recommendations should be made public before the end of the year.
The third item being tracked is the MSD Basin project. Right now GPNA is involved directly in working with neighbors effected by the construction of a  staging area on 1100 block Schiller Avenue, by the creek. Another property MSD will own because is the store front building next to the creek on the northwest side. GPNA will be pushing hard for MSD to assure this becomes a neighborhood green space. Thanks to board member Bruce Ewing for taking the lead on this.
GPNA is partnering with Paristown Pointe Neighborhood Association with the sole intent of our tracking with the city what they intend to do with the Government  Center buildings and land they apparently intend to abandon. Both associations have strong positions that the city reps need and must be available to communicate with us and that they need to welcome our input. Be on the look for updates on this issue in the future.

Keeping Compliant-

GPNA keeps on file its approval letter from the IRS. This letter stipulates that GPNA is a 501 (C4) non-profit organization. To stay in good standing we file an IRS-990 each calendar year. We also file with Kentucky to maintain legal recognition with the Commonwealth. The overall reporting to the state requires our forwarding an Annual Report and we must provide quarterly to the Department of Charitable Gaming detailed gaming activity reports.  We are required to complete annually a gaming license application.  GPNA is currently in full compliance and in good standing with the federal, state and city governments and all the reports listed have been filed on time.



2015-16 GPNA Officers and Board Members Listing

Officers: Judy Magre - President
John Gonder- Vice President
Mary Hardesty- Treasurer-Secretary

Board Members:

Iris Corona, Joe Corona, Steve Magre, Brenda Waters, Ben Evans, Bruce Ewing, Jeff Cross, Davy Coombs, and Tandee Ogburn.