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What's Happening-

Recently a number of issues have made their way to GPNA for our consideration and response. The most obvious one is the new bike lanes that have been placed on two main streets in our neighborhood. They are E. Kentucky Street and E. Breckenridge Street.  Public works will be reporting to the city council analysis they will perform that will show usage by bicyclist, traffic numbers and stats on accidents including injury accidents. The first of these reports should be forthcoming next spring. We have Councilman Jim King to thank for assuring this process being followed.

The second update is tied to the work of the Central Railway Corridor group. This has been ongoing for months and has involved the city, contracted professionals and several neighborhoods coming together. A slide presentation that explains the details can be found by keying in this website address:


The group is close to making final recommendations. The next meeting is October 23rd at 6PM. It will be held at Shelby Traditional Academy, 735 Ziegler Avenue. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The third item being tracked is the MSD Basin project. The results of this will have a great and positive impact on Beargrass Creek. When completed we will at long last be served by a dual drainage system; that is one that will separate rain water from the water that requires treatment. GPNA is involved directly in working with neighbors effected by the Staging area on Schiller Avenue living by the creek. These homes are just south of E. Oak Street. Another property MSD will own because is the store front building next to the creek on the northwest side. We will be pushing hard for MSD to assure this becomes a neighborhood green space that is cared for.

The final item to share here is the association's intent to coordinate with Paristowne Pointe Neighborhood Association to work with the city in tracking what they see as plans for the Government  Center properties they operate. Recent news suggest their intent is to move all their employees out of the various complexes. It is most unclear what the city plans for the property after this is done. Both associations have strong positions that the city reps need and must be available to communicate with us. Be on the look for updates on this issue in the future.


GPNA's next board meeting will be a pot luck gathering. The board meeting starts at 6 PM and the fun event takes place at 7 PM. This will all happen at our center, 1094 E Kentucky Street.  Mary Hardesty will be speaking about her experiences as a participant in the Green Institute. Hope you can attend and remember to bring a dish.





You are invited to keep up with what is happening by going to our Facebook Page. The address is:


We use Facebook to make frequent entries and updates. We also place all our  updates via Danny Mac's Germantown-Schnitzelburg Facebook page.



Our goal is to make it easy for anyone who holds value in our efforts to join. Gaining financial support is helpful of course in off setting administrative cost. But what we really hope for is inducing residents to become active. So the annual membership fee is by donation amount of your choice including the giving of your time. To encourage membership the recommended dollar amount is kept very low at $5 per year.

Here is how easy joining is-

Email your name, address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Steve will enter your name and email address to the GPNA membership roster. You can provide your chosen donation by mailing it to 1094 E Kentucky Street (40204) and make the check out to GPNA.

You can also join at one of our sponsored functions including our quarterly pot luck public meetings. Please note that we will accept cash for membership when sign up is at an event, but that is the ONLY TIME. You can also choose to not mail and simply drop the check through the slot that is in the middle of our front door. Again, no cash if dropping off.  And most important please make sure the check is in a sealed envelope marked "Membership".


Support Our Bingo!

Our Monday Bingo is in its 28th year of continual operation. Doors open at 9 AM and games start at 10:15 AM. The last game is normally played out by 12:15 PM. Our Kentucky gaming license number is 00058 and posted. This 27 year running weekly event offers residents a unique and fun experience. The nature of bingo encourages all new and regulars attending to get to know each other. Bingo is held at the GPNA center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street.


Keeping Compliant-

GPNA keeps on file its approval letter from the IRS. This letter stipulates that GPNA is a 501 (C4) non-profit organization. To stay in good standing we file an IRS-990 each calendar year. We also file with Kentucky to maintain legal recognition with the Commonwealth. The overall reporting to the state requires our forwarding an Annual Report and we must provide quarterly to the Department of Charitable Gaming detailed gaming activity reports.  We are required to complete annually a gaming license application.  GPNA is currently in full compliance and in good standing with the federal, state and city governments and all the reports listed have been filed on time.

If Interested-

These updates are shared for two reasons. Please know we want you to think out how what you are good can help move our neighborhood forward to become even better.  We would love to tap into your talents and gain your commitment. If interested the easiest and best way to offer your help is to contact our volunteer administrator, Steve Magre. His phone number of 502-855-0223, and his email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may also want to click on the category to the right titled Board of Directors and see if any of the members listed are people you know. Any board member would welcome your call.

2014-15 GPNA Officers and Board Members Listing

2014-15 GermanParistown Neighborhood Association OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS LISTING:

Officers: Judy Magre - President
Tomy Molloy- Vice President
Steve Magre- Treasurer
Jeff Cross- Secretary

Board Members:

Mary Hardesty, John Gonder, Brenda Waters, Ben Evans, Bruce Ewing, Davy Coombs, Tandee Ogburn, and Amanda Keeton.