Minutes from the Board Meeeting Held Monday, May 15th

Here is what the latest is for GPNA-

Suggested Minutes from Mary Hardesty-
GPNA Meeting
Meeting opened at 6PM.
Attendance: Bruce, John G, Judy, Steve, Chris, Mary, Ben E., Laura, Mike, Brenda
A moment of Silence was held for Davy Coombs who died recently. Bruce gave a nice testimony. Davy served the Board for many years and cared for our Rain Garden and Community Garden.
It was also reported that John Olivas, one of the founders of GPNA ,also recently passed away.
Minutes from 3/17 and 4/17 were read and approved.
Budget was reviewed. Bingo revenues were $1364. Queen of Hearts up to $128. Budget was accepted as reported.
Business items
1. Estimate for Bike rack in front of building is being drawn up.
2. ABC did not approve the Liquor licence for the Package store on Shelby St. They have 30 days to appeal.
3. Nominations for Board Members Elections. Renewals are recommended for Ben, John, Mary, Steve, and Bruce. Mike Morris was nominated to take Davy’s place on the Board. Motion was made and approved to vote on these in June.
4. The Board commended Ben Evans on his recent release of the Film “Nerve”. We hope to arrange a showing in the near future.
5. Justin Brown reported that the Bradford Mills Lofts are on track to be completed by October. Some residents may be able to move in by August. They are planning to have an exercise facility open to the public.
6. June 3rd 11-2 there will be a March for Truth starting at 6th and Jefferson.
7. There will be a dedication of the Historic Marker by the Germantown Lofts on May 17 at 11 AM,
8. Geoff Wahls is working with the owner to resolve the issues at the Problem House on Rammers.
9. David Wicks gave a presentation on the Beargrass Creek, the Creek in Our Backyard. You can see the full documentary at www,beargrassdocumentary.org.
10. Goss Avenue Beautification: The medians are going in by Kroger.,LGE has aasked us to
designate which poles we want to use for the Signage,and parking place painting and
other median painting scheduled to start in June.Big Kudos to Pat Mulvihill and Jim
Wayne for moving this along.
11. There will be a fundraiser for GSBA with a Golf Scramble this weekend. They are
recruiting sponsors. GPNA will help with grant writing while they await their501C
12. The Post is offering vouchers for a slice of Pizza in recruiting new members to GPNA.An
email receipt of payment of dues will get you that slice.
13. Bill from St.Therese will prep our raised beds and help plant. We are going to try
tomatoes for one bed and a flower garden in the other. Ben and Mary will get the
14. The Rain Garden is self-sustaining for now. It will be mulched next year.
15. Considering a community event in the Fall with Speakers, a Health Clinic, etc.
16. Steve reported on Cyclouvia. It was a delightful event.
The meeting concluded at 7:20 PM.
Respectfully Submitted.
Mary Hardesty

All meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.