Agendas Set for the June 19th Board and General Meetings

Board Meeting Starts at 6PM at GPNA Center, 1094 E Kentucky Street

Highlighted Reporting on that plans for our 2 raised gardens and continued maintenance of the Jim King Rain Garden. There will also be reports provided about Goss avenue improvements taking place and a continued review of police issues. There will be discussion about how best to involve youth volunteers during June- July who will come from Vine Street Baptist Church to assist our mission.

General Meeting Starts at 7PM and is also at GPNA Center, 1094 E Kentucky Street

A general annual report will be given that will stress a push for membership to GPNA and how we are working with a number of close by non profit organizations. There will be a vote called by the President to fill 5 board slots that are coming open in July. Each slot is for a 2 year term.