Mark September 18th Down- Two Meetings This Monday- Board Meeting at 6 PM and Pot Luck General Meeting at 7 PM

Both meetings will be held at the GPNA Center, 1094 E Kentucky Street.

The Pot Luck General meeting will go 2nd. It will start at around 7 PM. As always please bring a dish, that is a desert or veggie. GPNA will provide the main dish via The Post Restaurant.

Our speakers will be the Gabriele brothers. As most every one living in the area knows Sarino's is Opening Soon at 1030 Goss Avenue. Yes- soon! You have a chance to find out just how soon and what the restaurant set up will be like. Yes, the bothers Michael and Carmelo Gabriele have agreed to speak at our General Meeting taking place this Monday. They will be introduced around 7 PM during the Pot Luck portion of our meeting. This meeting will be held at the GPNA Center, 1094 E Kentucky Street. Thanks is due Mike Morris for making this happen. Provided here is a CJ article that outlines their plans and support for our area. Hope you can attend, and remember bring a veggie or desert dish and come prepared to join our association. It only cost $10 per year.

You are also invited to attend the 6 PM start time GPNA Board of Directors Meeting
Here is the Agenda for the Monday, September 18, 2017 meeting-

Judy opens the meeting
Minutes presented by Mary
Treasurer’s Report and compliance reporting provided by Steve
Bingo Report made by Judy
Business items to be reviewed-
-         Announcements and Report on Other items from last board meeting
-         Choosing a 2018 winter date to volunteer with Love the Hungry
-         Report on 9.8 meeting held with Councilman Sexton Smith (John)
-         Policing issues and concerns- (Mary and Kathy)
-         Finalizing plan for NARCAN Training being offered on 10.25
-         Status on Speed Hump Survey for Ellison Ave/ 8 th District (Jon)
-         Latest on ABC state review concerning Mo’s being changed to a packaged
liquor store  

New Business-

Adjournment to Open Meeting with special guests introduced by Mike Morris-

All meeting hosted by GPNA are free and open to the public-


Both meetings are free and open to the public.