First Board Meeting of 2018 Set-

GPNA Board of Directors Meeting
Set for Monday, February 19th
to start at 6 PM
Held at GPNA Center
1094 E. Kentucky Street
1. President open the meeting/ Congratulating Laura for becoming President once more for GSBA
2. Secretary reads the minutes from the November, 2017 Board Meeting with move for approval
3. Treasurer presents Treasurer's Report and shares the new budget that will cover 2018 (see attached)*
4  President gives Bingo Report
5. Volunteer Administrator leads the board's review of the following items

a. Date for the board working with Love the Hungry to prepare meals that go to indigent Louisville families
b  Agree on dates for the 4 GPNA Pot Luck General Meetings to be held during 2018. Also, discuss how we set up the main dish for the event.
c. Agreeing on 2018 plans for Jim King Rain Garden and for our 2 Raised Garden plots
d. Agreeing on moving forward to approach AmVets Post #1 to host with them a Neighborhood Chili Supper
e. Sharing what the latest plan is for GPNA to host a NARCAN Training session during the first part of 2018
f.  Updates on major projects taking place- Lykins next to Hope Mills, Paristown Project, Urban Government Complex properties
g. Goss Avenue work yet to do- Neighborhood signs going up and exploring how to change the appearance of the middle section of Goss Avenue and how it was left from the street markings the state implemented
h. Board approval for seeking a possible grant application with Louisville Chapter of the Audubon Society
i.  Board measuring the interest of working with Ben Evans to do a special screening of the NERVE documentary.
f.  Discussion of an individual(s) to be 2018 Citizen of the Year to be recognized at our June General Meeting
Other Reporting
4th District items
10th District items
8th District items
Ideas to share-
X Germantown-Schnitzelburg Museum at the Senior Center
X Developing a Germantown-Schnitzelburg Historical Society
X Promoting reuse of the Water Tower being taken down at Lykin's property on E. Kentucky Street
X And once more explore doing a bike rack for out front of our building and also follow through on a pilot GPNA constructed marker for placement at the Hope Mills corner of Swan at E. Kentucky Street.

Main topic: Guest Officer Morrison- Board to discuss and come to agreement on what issues we want Officer Morrison and 4th District Police to center on at the March 2018 General Meeting. Officer Morrison will be our main presenter at this meeting.


Hope you had a very Happy Holiday Season. As  you can see above 2018 is off and running.

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