Here is a List of Work Items Being Reviewed to be Worked in 2019

Update on 2018 Close Out

Here are the numerous issues GPNA is monitoring and in many cases will be taking stands on during 2019.

This list will be constantly changing and will be updated during at times during the year.


Screening Evolve Event     $300 to sponsor at The Post  
Love the Hungry outing     With WC to choose a 2019 date  
Repairs at Building     Screens Cameras General    
Letting Out Building Space     Catering idea to talk over    
Pot Luck Preps       March 2019 meeting    
Governmental Reporting     City grant application by 10-31  
Event Planning     Discuss idea of GPNA outing event  
Upkeep of Building     RLM        
Bradford Mills       Review with Katie Smith of Marian.  
Goss Avenue Changes     Mural Repave Cyclovia Vac Prop  
Jim King RG care     Luv It monitoring condition Bill to cut  
3 Points Partnership/Outside   Food CoOp idea Cyclovia    
GSBA Supporting their efforts   Grass edging Pancake bfast ev.  
General GPNA M'ship Effort   Lukas D Billings OnLine Wcsetup  
Listing of BSS work items     Annual Meeting to set up support  
New Youth Program     Partner with city and St. Therese  
East Kentucky Lofts     Track plans and progress    
Paristown Project/ Outside     Track with Amber    
Marian Group at Urb Center/ Outsi.   Track with Marian Group    
E Oak Street Corrider     Kristopher Kelly CreoSalus  
District 4 Bridge Review     Push for this with BSS    
Logan Street Market Place   Issue of their owning Blue Building  
2019 Cit. of the Year:     Board item in March 2019  
Outdoors Work at Center     Luv It planned work, Bill gr. Cutting  
Marker at Hope Mills     With JG        
Brd Member Nominees 2019   Board to review at April meeting  
Crime Issues       4th District at General Meetings  
General Police Items 2018   vagrants, NatNight PolStats  
City Grant for center oper.     Started at November, 2018  
Historical Society Start up     Determine 2019 plan outside  
Honor Flight Support to Post 1   Idea with Rotary supporting  
2019 Chili Supper     Push for a spring event     
Vacant Properties Monitoring   1008 e oak street, 1018 ellison, and newer props  
Vacant Props Outside Area   Tracking all vacant non in GP area  
Mary's Dog Doo Doo Clean Up   What support needed by GPNA?  
Stop the Heart Purchase Item   Call and make the purchase!  
Don.,Sponsor Support list-GPNA   Forward to board for $ approval during year  
Airbnb Issue       Tracking with the city    
Plans for Hope Mills.Swan Street   Tracking changes that my take place  
CFN Liason/Outside     Mary being our rep to CFN  
With Post 1 for GPNA Memorial   tie to flag pole, outside plaque