September 17th Board Meeeting Agenda Set



September 17, 2018 GPNA Board Meeting

At GPNA center

1094 E Kentucky Street

Starts at 6:00 PM



  1. Call to order by President Judy Magre
  2. Minutes for August 2018 Board Meeting for vote as presented by Mary Hardesty
  3. Bingo Report/ Judy Magre
  4. Treasurer’s Report/ Steve Magre


Guests Invited and welcomed to speak- Rose Caple of Louisville Tourism, and each councilmen, and/or their representatives/


Reporting of Items Tied to Center Operations and/or Needing Votes-

  1. Local Screening of Evolve for $100 (Steve)
  2. Reporting on new “Volunteer” logo shirts that have been ordered (Judy)
  3. Agreeing on a couple of dates to work at Love the Hungry
  4. Sharing about article CJ is working on tied to Louisville neighborhoods and how each came up with their names (Steve)
  5. Discussing agenda for October General Pot Luck meeting including inviting Jim and Debbie Wayne back to receive their lifetime membership cards (via Mike)
  6. Garden and Rain Barrel Issues needing attention as tracked by Mary



Report on Neighborhood Issues Being Worked as Ongoing-

1.      Police Issues as tracked by Kathleen

2.      Goss Avenue Improvements Updating, via Mike

3.      Report on plan for shutting down King Rain Garden until next year, via Steve

4.      Sharing of a move being planned to push for a Youth Program start up at St. Therese Gym involving help via GPNA with 4th Council District Office and St. Therese parish.

5.      Sharing of a city budget plan via Councilman Sexton Smith being developed to assure bridge safety for bridges in our area that go over Beargrass Creek (via Steve)

6.      Discussion of Air B&B impact plus abandon homes issues, and theft from homes issues being discussed

7.      Reporting on Abandon Commercial Properties being tracked, report by Steve

8.      Reporting on other properties that are outside GPNA boundaries but close by- via Steve

9.      Reporting on letter submissions written to ABC about ABC approval requests made by various establishment that serve GPNA area- via Mike

10.   Latest on BOZA approval for a surface parking add for Bradford Mills Apartments


Other Business and the Adjournment