This City Budget is a Tough One for Everyone! Here is Our Stand-

The letter to City Hall and the Response by Our Two Councilmen-

Let’s start with the letter forwarded on May 30, 2019. Below is an excerpt from the letter that states our issues and interest in meeting with them. Also provided is a brief summary of the June 12 meeting they set up for GPNA representatives to attend.

The letter:

“The extent of the budget short fall that’s been made public leaves us with questions.”

Merely having each of you as our council representatives read this email that shares our collective concerns does not equal are doing enough. As the council members who represent our geographic area we mostly want to meet with you. We propose a meeting at City Hall between you, our elected council representatives and our GPNA Safety Committee members. The main reason we desire this meeting is strengthen the confidence we have in each on of you, and your staff. You have served our association well over a long period now and we thank you. But as we move into this new day of lesser funding we need to call on your leadership to assure public safety stays #1.

All of us are aware that a sad reality of area wide criminal behavior that has been playing out over the past few months and by all appearances it is becoming worse. This never ending media reporting that surrounds the budget coverage has laid out clearly reductions of service have taking place within 4th District Police Division and more could be coming. This is not only known well by residents, but also by the criminal element. The commendable transparency offered by the police concerning the numbers of incidents shows crime being on the rise in a number of neighborhoods in our vicinity; and this includes ours. One example I’m willing to share is the increase in criminal break-ins to residents’ vehicles that are parked overnight. The police shared at our May 20 board meeting that there has been a rash of these and many include the new issue of violators now breaking through vehicle windows. Of course the initial response of a resident to such an incident is anger, but the added response that is happening street by street is rightful fear and concern. Our board is highly committed to supporting what was the prior in place funding levels to assure services tied to the police and fire departments are not reduced by one penny. We don’t want these agencies taking on the brunt of the city’s current budget woes. We are very upset that this reduction of services strategy for these departments has been started before the council’s budget vote, and even before public hearings were held. There is a human toll being paid by neighbors for these too hasty Metro Louisville government actions. We are now on record in writing and would love the opportunity with several of our board members to talk openly with you prior to the late June Metro Council 2019-20 budget vote.


The Meeting of 6.12.2019:

The response by Councilman Pat Mulvihill and Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith to our letter was immediate and complete. We were provided a meeting opportunity at City Hall with the two of them that last over one hour. Police Major Josh Judah joined us as well. The discussions on various points were productive and we believe effective. The attendees from GPNA represented a majority of our Board of Directors. All the officers attended including President Judy Magre. And the long time chair of our Public Safety Committee Kathleen Davis attended as well. We were heard and we also listened as the difficulties of the budget being able to stay balanced. We heard specifically how important it will be in the near future for the city to work through Frankfort to help see gained greater abilities for relief and support for the largest city in the Commonwealth. Metro Louisville serves as the largest driver of the state’s budget. We made clear to these 2 council representative that we would be willing as a supporter for our area to do our part to help the city making its case. But the next step we have most interest in is our keeping an eye on what ends up being the details of the budget that ends up being passed in a few weeks. The meeting allowed us to have a real sense of the approach our two council members have, but there are 24 other votes to be counted. So now we hold on tight and wait for the vote. And GPNA offers our thanks to Pat and Barbara for their courtesy and candor. They welcomed our input.