Working the Issue!

Taking Needed Action-

We are thankful that one of the newest members of the GPNA Board of Directors, Kathleen Elsherif has taken on the role of Chairperson of the Social Justice Committee that has been newly formed in our association taking serious the need to review and do more after watching the demonstrations that have taken hold of our city. The appointed committee is made up of 3 officers and 2 regular board member. The 4 others agreeing to serve are Melissa Banks, Steve Magre, Mary Hardesty, and John Gonder. Here is the report prepared by Kathleen concerning the first committee meeting held on July 1st-

"GPNA’s Committee to address our role in supporting the movement for racial equity and social justice met on July 1st. At this meeting we confirm that our three focus areas will be how we can support the movement for racial equity and social justice through our relationship with our metro council members, providing neighborly support, and our own education and the education of our members. During this first meeting we came to a consensus to first address those three areas with the following steps.


We will invite our incoming and outgoing metro council members to our next board meeting to share our concerns and to hear their insights.


We will push for our members and neighbors to complete the census, as this helps with the distribution of resources and to get an accurate picture of the make-up of our neighborhood. (See Footnote A below)

We will reach out to nearby neighborhood groups and community groups to learn how GPNA can support their actions.


We will look for resources to share around racial equity and justice to put into our revamped GPNA newsletter.

We will meet once a month as a committee and will continue the conversation around our role in this work.

Below are additional points of conversation that were discussed during our first meeting

-Frustration with transparency and accountability in LMPD investigations

-The need to look into additional resources, such as the Louisville Urban League and Campaign Zero

-Mary will follow up with more information about the Germantown-Schnitzelburg Crisis Response FB team she was invited to

-Mel and Kathleen will work on language and a plan for sharing a push for filling out the census."
Footnote A-
+US Census Process 2020 Dates to Know-
-July 8- October 31
U.S.A. Promoting Self-Response Operation
-Mailing: Reminder (will not include a paper form), July 22-28
- Next from August 11 - October 31

+Non-Response Follow-Up At October 31-
-Last day for households to self-respond online, by phone or by mail.

+2021 Dates to Know-
-April 30, 2021
Census Bureau delivers apportionment count to President of the United States
-July 31, 2021
Census Bureau delivers count to States for legislative redistricting
FYI- The committee will provide a report at the upcoming GPNA Annual Meeting that is scheduled for Monday, July 20. Details for this meeting will be posted later this week.

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