Summary for the Last Board Meeting of 2020 Held on November 16th-

Here is What Took Place at the GPNA Board Meeting Held Monday, 11/16/20:
Board Members Attending: Steve, Judy, Mike, John, Brenda, Karen, and Eric
Special Guests: LMPD Officer Robert Yoshioka, VAS from CreoSalus, Trey Prestagiocomo
Meeting was held via Zoom
Judy opened the meeting at 6:05 PM with a moment of silence in memory of our beloved Mary Hardesty. It was also entered into record that Bryce Biery had resigned, citing that business obligations had precluded him from continuing with the GPNA board.
Steve addressed issues recently with the homeless along the railroad tracks between Ellison Ave and Kentucky St, and again between Breckinridge and Broadway. Eric spoke to this activity in Paristown and that there had been some cars pulling up at odd times of the day and night with people running back behind the Fleur de Flea Vintage Market on Swan St. Vas addressed that they have been monitoring video of these activities and talking with LMPD officers Jessica and Yoshi.
Yoshi talked about the challenges that they are facing right now with Covid and the colder temperatures affecting the homeless right now. A lot of the area being occupied by these folks is owned by MSD, and they are working with them to find a jurisdictional solution to patrolling this area. LMPD is also facing staffing shortages, which gives Yoshi fewer people that he can bring in to help. Steve suggested that we may be able to work together with PPNA and Shannon to monitor the situation and keep LMPD involved.
Executive Committee:
John Gonder reported that our December meeting will not be held and the January 18, 2021 board meeting will continue to be held by Zoom Call In only. This change is due to the recent uptick in Covid cases. Eric made a motion, which was seconded by Mike and passed by the majority. The other item John discussed was the income generation piece for the organization and that the committee is discussing potential uses for the Kentucky St building in order to serve this need for revenue.
John and Eric talked about the dangerous traffic developing outside the antique mall at the corner of Swan St and Breckinridge. We determined that this issue would be a good topic for future further discussion.
External Affairs, Development and Fund Raising Committee:
Eric covered that Louisville Forward chose the Jeff Underhill proposal for the Urban Government Center. There has also been the appointment of the neighborhood advisory council, including Tony Manning, (Smoketown), Doug Magee (Phoenix Hill), Richard Hinton (Paristown Pointe), Nate Knopf (Original Highlands), and Eric Baldwin (German-Paristown). Mike Morris also announced that he was just appointed as Real Estate attorney for Underhill and Associates, and in that capacity would not be participating in any votes regarding the Urban Government Center.
Environmental, Beautification, and Community Arts Committee:
Karen discussed that they would be doing some work on the flowerbeds in Mary’s memorial garden. The bridge repair will be delayed due to logistical complications, as they will now have to use dynamite to move forward. The vacant Sav-a-Lot building being rezoned for a Vegan Jerky plant, who has met with Chip and the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association. Mike said that they are negotiating with that business on odors, measurements, and binding elements.
The 3 points mural restoration is now going to happen by the City. Their plan is to see about 1/2 of the expense of this repair taken on by the 3 neighborhood associations. Each neighborhood (SACC, SPNA, and GPNA) will contribute $225. John Gonder submitted the idea that Dages Paint could be approached to donate the product that will be used to clean up that mural. Lastly, Karen also spoke to a possible upcoming City project from Develop Louisville which will beautify the area right next to Full Stop.
As for parks, Karen reported that the Jim King Rain Garden needs to be broken down with Winter coming. This is an annual event which requires a major GPNA expense. Councilman Pat Mulvihill has agreed to have 10th District cover the expense this year.
Main Street Zoning and Housing Committee:
Mike covered that the area between Goss, E. Oak, and Ellison could be landscaped by Luv-It Landscaping as this should be our goal. The corridor right next to Full Stop and the Bradford Mills Lofts could stand to see some landscaping improvements, as well as in front of Creosalus. Ellison Ave needs repaving at the 5-way intersection near Gnadinger Park.
Public Health and Safety & Social Justice Review Committee:
Steve discussed the great job that Yoshi and Jessica have done to address the crime in our area, but that there’s still a shortfall in terms of the fire response. The Social Justice element of these recent developments need to be continually monitored, as the Breonna Taylor activities are taking place throughout Louisville.
Nothing else to report.
Closing Discussion/ Other Business:
Steve raised the issue of the abandoned car problem we are facing and working with the city to come up with a solution. This problem reaches to Old Louisville and certainly all of Germantown. Finding a place for all these cars to go seems to be the most direct solution, and John Gonder relayed that a contact of his happens to own many acres of a concreted area and who is also in the scrap metal business. John was decidedly the “idea man” of this evening’s call.
Steve proposed sending a congratulatory letter to Jim Wayne who was voted as #1 Citizen. This was agreed to by the board as a whole.
Trey Prestagiocomo (guest) posed a question to the group about the Urban Government Center decision, specifically as it relates to the makeup of moderate to low-income housing options available as part of Jeff Underhill’s winning development. Eric and Steve took turns answered his question with references to the proposal, which is posted online at
Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.
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