Here is What Happened at the 2 June Meetings-

Board Meeting opened by Judy Magre at 6PM.

Board agreed on the volunteer care plans for our 2 raised gardens we oversee. Continued maintenance of the Jim King Rain Garden will be tied to Bill cutting the grass and our working with a group titled Davy's Boys. The final planting for the medians by Krogers on Goss avenue will take place via Brightside and Councilman Mulvihill's office.  The main topic continues to be police issues, particularly along Samuel and Charles Streets. The board thanked Brenda Waters and Vine Street Baptist Church for allowing their youth mission visitors to work on projects withing our neighborhood.

General Meeting Started at 7PM with the main dish provided by GPNA via The Post.  Dr. Dillon of Safe Heart was the guest speaker and he spoke of the importance of receiving CPR training. There was a general meeting vote by members to maintin the board intact for 2017-18. The list of board members can be found by clicking on the Board of Directors tab on the front page.

Summary of the July Board of Directors Meeting

GPNA Board Meeting

Due to the death of Judy Magre’s brother, Judy and Steve were not able to be with us.
John Gonder, opened the meeting at 6: PM.
Attendance: Present were Kathleen, Mary, Mike, Laura, Ben ,Brenda ,and Bruce,
Minutes from June 19,2017 were read and accepted without additions or corrections.
Treasurer’s Report was handed out and no unexpected expenses were noted. Report was approved.
Police Rep Jessica Morrison spoke and reported of the 9 car thefts in the area,5 had been unlocked.
She reported the eviction of the resident at the troubled house on Rammers was supposed to be gone
She noted that Samuel-Charles St Block Watch had had a meeting. Several new neighbors in attendance.
Kathleen and Erin Virchon were elected as co-captains. Most of the discussion revolved around a group
of boys on Charles, well known to police for vandalism and harassing neighbors, are being monitored for
criminal activity. Because they are juveniles there is some limitation for the police. CPS has been
involved. There had been an incident earlier that day that may warrant a criminal complaint. Major
Judah also addressed the meeting. He reports that they are tracking the number of complaints and there
are more patrols in the area now because of this tracking.
BARBARA Sexton Smith invited GPNA to take part in initiatives with Shelby Park,and adjacent
neighborhoods in her District.
Blair from Idlewild Butterfly Farm informed us about the need to increase Monarch Butterfly Habitats
and the importance of Pollinators. She invited everyone to tour the facility. They also prepare bugs to
treat garden pests naturally.
The Business part of the meeting then ensued. The Board reviewed and confirmed the slate for
reelection of officers. They voted unanimously to keep the current Board members and officers in place.
There being no further business,the meeting was adjourned at 7:05.

Respectfully Submitted

Mary P Hardesty

And Then There is Bingo!
Our Monday Bingo is in its 30th year of continual operation. Doors open at 9 AM and games start at 10:15 AM. The last game is normally played out by 12:15 PM. Our Kentucky gaming license number is 00058 and posted. Our weekly bingo offers all who come a a fun gaming experience in a truly home setting.

Our Bingo is held at the GPNA center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street (40204) Proceeds help pay for our operating and maintenance costs and for our raised gardens in the side yard; and the maintenance at the Jim King Rain Garden.

For a unique experience please come and play.