Regular Board Meeting This Monday, October 16th


GPNA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

For Monday, October 16, 2017

Meeting Starts at 6 PM

At The Center, 1094 E Kentucky Street (40204)


Judy Magre opens meeting at 6 PM


Minutes from September board meeting presented by Mary Hardesty


Treasurer’s Report given by Steve Magre


Bingo Report given by Judy Magre


Business Items to be reviewed-


-         Presentation by Bruce Ewing about the plan for the 10.25 NARCAN Training session at St. Therese Gym

-         Requesting a response from board about attending the SACC #1 Citizens’ Dinner set for November 9th at St. Elizabeth Cafeteria.

-         A report to be given on the latest about Mo’s proposed changes that are still awaiting ABC approval

-         Board vote on giving OK for Steve Smith of Paristown Development to be our special guest at GPNA’s November meeting

-         Board discussion about GPNA holding a General Pot Luck Meeting in November

-         Board vote about giving its final OK for Luv It Landscape to provide professional care for the Jim King Rain Garden

-         Reminder about 10.21 Brightside Clean Up and a report on how GPNA will be participating.

-         Reporting on city issues by council office representatives from 4th District and 10th District; and also from 4th District Police representatives

-         Discussion by board on approving a date for first meeting in 2018

-         Other Business/ Opportunity to bring up items not on the agenda


Meeting Adjourn Call





Mary Hardesty

Sharing the Results of the September 18th GPNA Board Meeting-

GPNA Board Meeting


9-18- 17

Judy opened the meeting at 6 PM.

Attendance: Present: Judy, Steve, Jeff, Kathleen, Mary, Laura. Bruce .Mike, Jon, and John G

Minutes from August meeting were read and approved without additions or corrections.

Treasurer’s Report shows a good balance and grant monies are in place to make payments for building upkeep and capital improvements

(HVAC, Flooring and Painting ) .Shotgun Fest has been removed from the Budget. Steve has had conversations with District 10 and 4 Council Persons and we are assured of grant funding next cycle. Bingo continues to do well with near 30 people attending today. Treasurer Report was approved.

Old Business:

Details of Short Term Rental Plans at 1017 Samuel were reported after a 9.17 block meeting held at the house. Kathleen was present. Owners Richard and Molly Gaines were present. Although they live in Nashville but there is a local manager. Rental duration will be 6 months preferably and not designed for weekend Parties, etc. Typically up to 8 people can stay.

The ”troubled” house on Rammers has been sold.

The date for the Love the Hungry volunteer activity will be held in January or February. This is being coordinated by Steve through Pat Mulvihill’s office,

Ground has broken for the new Art Center and Brewery in Paristown Pointe.

Urban Government Center Proposals for Development are still in consideration but an announcement should take place before the end of the year.

Kathleen will work with Bruce to set up a booth at Belknap Neighborhood Festival that will be held on Oct 14.

Jon reported that his face to face survey of people on Ellison in District 8 did not show preference for speed humps.

NARCAN training is set for October 25th starting at 6 PM and to be held at St. Therese Gym


New Business: Audubon Society is being approached by Christ of Council woman Sexton Smith’s office and she will be working with Steve to develop a school project that will be tied JCPS. The hope is GPNA and Idlewild as well.

The MSD Logan Street basin should be finished this winter.

Steve plans to invite the developers of Steve Smith of the PP Art Center Project to the next open meeting. No date set on this one yet.

There remains the issue of continued reports having to be made about cars being ransacked for belongings in the seats and change. There have been some

thefts – (Ex- iPad,a wallet). Kathleen reported that the recent reorganization at LMPD resulted in a 85% turnover in District 4. The Major is working hard to stabilize his staff.

The Alumnae House at Manual Stadium to be named after Bob Schroeder on Oct 6 at half time of the St. X vs Manual football game

A Brightside Cleanup is planned Oct 21.


Meeting was adjourned and a Potluck began with speakers from Solino’s Restaurant (Gabriele brothers). The Post Restaurant provided the main dish via GPNA ordering.






And Then There is Bingo!
Our Monday Bingo is in its 30th year of continual operation. Doors open at 9 AM and games start at 10:15 AM. The last game is normally played out by 12:15 PM. Our Kentucky gaming license number is 00058 and posted. Our weekly bingo offers all who come a a fun gaming experience in a truly home setting.

Our Bingo is held at the GPNA center, 1094 E. Kentucky Street (40204) Proceeds help pay for our operating and maintenance costs and for our raised gardens in the side yard; and the maintenance at the Jim King Rain Garden.

For a unique experience please come and play.